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Optical & Sunglass Specialists

About SOS Eyewear

We are a unique family run business and have undertaken specialist eyewear repairs for over thirty years

An experienced SOS Eyewear repair specialist is inspecting optical glasses that have been repaired. In the background are many boxes stacked up with other optical glasses and sunglasses that have been fixed.




The photo shows a pair of spectacles that have had a repair or fix. The optical glasses are in an ultrasonic cleaning machine having grease and grime removed from the frames and lenses in a special solvent fluid.



Ultrasonic Cleaning

However careful you are when cleaning your glasses, there is always a layer of grime and grease that builds up over time. The best way to remove that is by using an ultrasonic cleaner. 


Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound to agitate a fluid. The vibration generated by the ultrasonic wave causes the cleaning liquid to oscilate. Micro-bubbles in the liquid keep vibrating and destroy and separate the dirt particles on your glasses leaving them crystal clear. 


We use a special solvent fluid that is gentle on your frames, but tough on grime. The process can be quick and just take a few minutes, or if the build up of grime is dense, more time may be needed.

Speedy Repairs!

Your glasses and sunglasses are valuable, so it's important that you look after them! We pride ourselves on being able to repair most breaks.

Simple repairs can be quite quick (often in just 20 minutes) and can be done while you wait!

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